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Professional aircon installations in Blouberg

Aircon Installations

Air Conditioner Repairs and maintenance by Cool Intentions

Aircon Repairs & Maintenance

Customized Venting & Ducting by Cool Intentions Blouberg

Ventilation | Ducting Installations

Refrigeration Installation for a restaurant in Blouberg

Refrigeration Installations

Refrigeration Repairs and Maintenance Blouberg

Refrigeration Repairs & Maintenance

What to consider before buying an aircon

Our dedicated installation and repair teams are highly trained in what they do. This is very important as you can buy a good quality brand of air conditioner, but if it is not installed correctly you will have endless problems.


Do it right the first time!

Do a reference check

Once you have received your quotes, contact the supplier of the brand you have selected to do a reference check on the companies to ensure that they are reputable and a pre-qualified installer of the product so that you don’t have issues with possible warranty claims down the line.

Quality of the materials used

The materials we use in our installations and repairs are of a high standard and we never deviate from this. Lower quotations could mean lower standards in the materials. An example would be aluminium piping rather than copper. Using aluminium during the initial installation could save you costs now, but will cost you more in the long run during services and repairs.

Always book a site inspection

When you buy an air conditioning unit online without a site inspection you run the risk of incurring additional costs and frustrations. We will do an assessment free of charge before recommending the best unit to suit your needs and pocket.

Room size Btu per m²

Every room is different from the next, so working on a Btu per m² formula as an average often works, but also fails as certain rooms have much higher heat loads than others. Let our professional and experienced sales consultant assist you in assessing the requirement of the room. We guarantee 100% satisfaction every time.

Not sure what aircon size you need?

Here is a Quick Guide
Approx. Room Size Aircon Size Required
15-18m² 9 000 BTU
20-25m² 12 000 BTU
30-35m² 18 000 BTU
40-45m² 24 000 BTU
55-60m² 30 000 BTU
Mike Sutcliffe, founder of Cool Intentions Planning venting & ducting installation

We design and install all types of air conditioning systems
including chilled water, DX Units and VRF systems.

Meet the Cool Intentions Aircon, Refrigeration, Ventilation and Ducting Installation, Repairs and Maintenance Blouberg Team

Why Choose Cool Intentions Blouberg

Mike Sutcliffe, the founder of Cool Intentions, has 24 years of experience in the air conditioning and ventilation industry. Mike prides himself on performance and quality and is always personally involved in running all projects, ensuring success and customer satisfaction. He firmly believes good customer relationships are the key to a strong business.

Cool Intentions has been involved in complex installation and maintenance projects which have included homes, shopping centres, supermarkets and offices. One of the main goals going forward is to design systems using “Going Green” principles to protect our environment.

The team has been carefully selected to include extensive knowledge and experience in all forms of air conditioning & ventilation systems.

Cool Intentions Blouberg works closely with mechanical consultants, architects and quantity surveyors on new developments and has all the necessary certifications to work on construction sites. Health and Safety compliance is taken very seriously and as such, all the technical and installation staff have completed their medical training.

Our Trusted Brands

We work with all the leading brands and have been pre-qualified by these suppliers to install their products.

Frequently asked questions

4 Signs that your aircon needs to be repaired

4 Signs that your aircon needs to be repaired

Call it Murphy’s Law, luck, or whatever you are comfortable with, but an aircon always seems to give out at the most inconvenient times. By becoming accustomed to the small signs that your air conditioner needs to be serviced, you can avoid surprises and large...

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How often should your aircon be serviced?

How often should your aircon be serviced?

Your air conditioner is just like a car which needs regular services. Dust and dirt accumulate in the fans, filters, and coils which can damage the internal components and decrease the efficiency with which the unit works. The frequency of services on an air...

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