Investing in an air conditioner is one thing, having it perform optimally is another. Whether you enjoy the comfort of an aircon in your home or office it is important to understand that buying an aircon is like buying a car – if you don’t maintain it, it will break down, be less fuel efficient and in the end cost you a lot more than you bargained for. Unlike a car, if you don’t maintain your air conditioner, you can’t sell it to recover some of your money.

Most people wait until their air conditioning unit breaks before booking a service. These breakdowns could very well be prevented if preventative maintenance is carried out annually, saving costs and frustration.


Here are some important reasons to book that annual service:



  1. Prevent breakdowns & maintain the warranty

When an aircon breaks down due to lack of maintenance it will not be covered by the warranty from the supplier. Not only will you have to carry the costs, but you may have to replace the entire unit.


  1. Keep electricity costs down

Preventative maintenance ensures that the unit’s performance is optimal. It helps the equipment conserve energy which in turn will keep your electricity costs low.


  1. Prolong the lifespan of the unit

Preventative maintenance ensures that any small problems can be rectified before it becomes bigger and more expensive.


  1. Improve Air Quality

An air conditioning unit that has not been serviced circulates unclean air through your home or office. Your aircon cleans the air while in operation, however, this air is filled with dust and germs that get trapped inside the unit’s filter and coil which needs to be cleaned to remove this. The unit’s drain pan also needs to be cleaned as water that lies in the unit when not in operation builds up bacteria. Again, this drain pan is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized during a service. All of this means that instead of your aircon cleaning the room and making it healthy, it starts doing the opposite.


Bottom line:

Servicing your air conditioner regularly will not only save you money and frustration but ensure that many of the health risks associated with poor air quality can be greatly reduced or eliminated so that you, your family and employees can enjoy the comfort and clean air provided by your air conditioner.


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